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Monday, December 17, 2012

Losing it, with Paul and Brad

The demand for senior economists willing to lose their marbles in public seems insatiable. Thankfully, we have Paul and Brad to make sure supply equals demand (see example 1 and example 2).

Oooo...they are so angry! But maybe they can get angrier yet! For a lesson, they should look at the classic "getting angry" performance by Ren Hoek, the asthmatic chihuahua with the Peter Lorre voice losing it when Stimpy the cat (and his pal) thoughtlessly destroy Ren's most treasured collections. Here, I imagine our heroes playing the role of Ren, with the incredibly stupid Stimpy and his equally dense pal playing the role of Bob Lucas and John Cochrane (or take your pick).

Enjoy! Greatest cartoon performance ever: Ren Hoek

Merry Christmas everyone.

Update: I see that the tireless Steve Williamson has taken the time to craft a more thoughtful reply to the Krugman piece cited above; see here

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  1. Well David K. Levine certainly qualifies as losing his marbles in public and in his book.